After 4 years’prosperity, due to the poor management, a small denim mill faced closure. The manager of the mill had no choice but sold it.

When the news came out, a lot of buyers were interested in the mill due to its good reputation in the local. The baseprice was even raised from 1million to 1.2 million. Despite all this, the manager didn’t feel happy at all.
It was until one day, a young employee came to knock at the door before the deal was almost confirmed.

“Mr. Ma, I do want to buy this mill, but now only 500,000 I have.”

The manager was surprised, “Why are you so confident that I will accept such little money? You know, it’s far less than 1.2 million.”

“I have a great idea to regain the market, and if we cooperate, we can work together for a better future”, the young looked at the manager sincerely.

After a deep thinking, Ma smiled and grasped the young’s hands.

Established in 2000, the small denim mill went through ups and downs , and developed into Sinoweave International Co., Ltd. With the efforts of the innovative Sinoweave people, Sinoweave grows up stably,having offices and factories in Canton, Foshan, Jiangmen and Zhongshan City.

“If you have a dream, don’t hesitate to chase it. If you have an idea, come on to achieve it.” Sinoweave inspires every Sinoweave people to work as a team with reform and innovation to get higher achievement.

Sinoweave, welcome everyone who has dreams!

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